Garmin T5 Hog Dog Tracking Collar (Temp Backorder)

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NOTICE-  This item is on backorder from Garmin.  We have not been given exact delivery dates.  We could have a shipment arrive tomorrow or it could be as late as January 2022.  If you place an order, we will ship as soon as we receive a shipment.  We are sorry for this inconvenience.  All Garmin dealers are experiencing the same shortages.  No matter where you order we highly recommend confirming availability before ordering.  If you order with us you can cancel at any time prior to shipping if needed.  Otherwise, we will ship as soon as we have availability.

The all new Garmin T5 Hog Dog Tracking Collar

  • Compatible with BOTH the Garmin Alpha 100 and Garmin Astro 320 handhelds
  • Significantly improved GPS tracking capabilities with GLONASS
  • LED beacon lights for hunting at night
  • When paired with the Alpha 100 the T5 can be used to control your VIRB action camera.

**No correction prongs or bark notification**