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Aussie Style Pro Plate

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About Us

Welcome to the official site of Southern Cross Cut Gear; the leading hog dog cut gear manufacturer.  Southern Cross Cut Gear has been making the best hog dog vests and hog dog collars in the business for nearly twenty years.  Our years of experience have lead to the development of the premier hog dog protective gear.  Please take a look around at our Catch Vests, Full Vests, Strike Vests, Terrier Vests, Kevlar Cut Collars, Alpha Cut Collars, Terrier Cut Collars, Garmin, Hog Dog Apparel, Hog hobbles, Hog dog leads, Break sticks and much much more.  

Ted Nugent with Happy in his Southern Cross Full Vest

Ted Nugent's beloved dog Happy was injured on a hunt in South Florida so Ted reached out to Southern Cross Cut Gear to get Happy geared up and protected.