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The best there is RCD Vest

David has never let me down with the vests I have bought from him in the past 20 yrs. No dogs harmed with any of his hardware. Hogs ain't bad enough to penatrate these vests or collars . Spend your money wisely & buy from Southern Cross. Thank you David from Florida,

Can not touch this gear

'@nd time purchisng this cut gear cause the hogs have already tried to knock this gear down and they couldn't. So Dave has proven his gear is the best out there.

The Best I've Seen

This vest has taken my catch dog, who used to get cut the most even with a vest, to the dog who rarely gets touched. She still gets bumps and bruises, she gets sore but hasn't been cut since she started wearing it. My dogs mean everything to me and this is the only cut gear they wear now. I've gotten rid of every piece of cut gear that isn't Southern Cross Cut. I've convinced everyone I hunt with to switch and everyone agrees. This is the best priced highest quality gear out there.

Thank you Dave and family!!!!

Great bay vest

I have a young plott that’s very gritty and kept getting cut. Ever since I bought this half bay vest he’s come out without a scratch. Is very lightweight even when wet. He’ll run all day with it on and not be burnt out.

Top shelf quality

Elite catch vest
The elite catch vest is top shelf quality, just like all the other products southern cross has to offer. I love the vest it’s lightweight and doesn’t rub my dogs legs raw like other vest. This is definitely a vest I’d recommend to any hog dogger!!

Game Changer!

This vest has taken me from my catch dog getting cut on every big boar and needing staples, to nicks and little cuts with no down time! It’s lighter and less restrictive than other vests she’s worn. All around love this vest. Bought a second for my gritty bay dog. Doesn’t slow her down and she’s not getting cut now either

Perfectly Designed Vest

I recently purchased this vest for my lead bay dog. After much hesitation in finding the vest that would best protect my dog while not compromising her performance I settled on this vest. Opening the box I was impressed with how well it was designed with the areas it had added Kevlar and how surprisingly light weight it was. The first hunt she wore it I could tell a difference in her confidence in being protected. I’ve honestly never been much of a fan of running much more than a cut collar bay dogs despite how rough they were out of concern of it would lessen performance of the dog. Surprisingly this had quite the opposite effect for her because of the comfort and feeling of added protection. SC’s customer service is second to none, I requested in the notes to see if I could get this in an XS and Dave shortly messaged me saying of course they could and informed me that they’d have to build it and it’d take a bit longer to receive but I said I’d rather wait for the best fit to arrive than rush to get something that wasn’t going to best fit my dog. Y’all are the best in the business and I look forward to doing business with y’all, thank you!

Great vest

Love the craftsmanship of the best seems very durable is a bit on the heavy side so might take ur dog some conditioning to get use to but other than that great vest all around

Awesome vest

Best vest my dogs ever owned

Spec Ops

Ordered the vest for a trip hunting the river swamps of NW Florida, my dog was able to move great in it straight out of the box, he even swam the river along with several sloughs with it on just fine. It's a great vest!

Saved my dogs life

This vest saved my dogs life. She was in a bad spot in a creek and didn’t have any help. It took me too long to get to her. When I seen what was going on and the cutters on that pig I was scared. She walked away without a sing cut or puncture. Thanks for making quality products.

Perfect Design

I have bought 2 of these vests and absolutely love them! Probably not the intended use, but I bought the vest because my family has a 180lb dog that is dog aggressive sometimes with my two dogs (70lbs Pitbull mix and 80lb Belgian Malinois). To keep my dogs safe incase she attacks they wear their vest all day, everyday and have no issue. They run, play, nap, and go for car rides no problem. The vest is light weight, doesn't over heat them, and is designed so they can move freely. The massive dog has attacked mine 6 times now and the vest has prevented all injuries, not a scratch on it.

Dogs love them!

My catch dogs are funny about full length vests. They wear these dirty dawgs like a second skin! Doesn’t bind or hinder their strike at all! If the Dodd love em, I love em!

Armored Dog Tracking Dawg Vest
Dean Muthig/Muckdog's Deer Recovery
Outstanding product!

We track 200+ times a year on lead and have been in some sticky situations with our tracking dogs encountering lively wounded deer in dense cover. After some close calls with angry deer and a buddy's dog getting gored on lead that prompted us to look for a vest for our dogs that offers some protection and piece of mind when we encounter these situations. Through some other trackers we were turned onto the Armored Dog line and after using them for the last half of this season I couldn't be happier! Not only does it offer protection against an aggressive angry wounded buck but also against nasty briars and clearcuts that we are so often tracking in! The custom option of adding Kevlar lining for extra piece of mind and the ability to choose a variety of colors and moving around the D ring for better handling on leash makes a great product even better! We have one for each of our 3 dogs and we recommend them to anyone looking for that extra piece of mind for your tracking partner!


First time purchasing from SC. Absolutely love this collar. Very well made and light weight. Going to order another along with a vest!


I love the quality of the cut gear I received from SC, and appreciate the great customer service I received!

Best I have ever used

Custom made however u want it size n color on vest and material on it can't get no better on that and with klarna payments on that I give it to Southern cross cut gear taking it up that far for all of us hog hunter to get what they need...

Great vest

Bought this vest for a running catch dog. She can move well in and it doesn’t hinder her in any way. Protects my dog and let’s her keep her agility.


One of the best material in the game for dog vest five star ⭐️

Well worth it

These collars have been protecting my dogs and my tracking collars for years now. Will never run another collar on my pack.

Great gear!

Great gear and they're right, this is the best vest for terriers on the market right now.

I also ordered a custom cut collar with protection for my GPS unit.

Grata customer service, too, they got back with me right away and got me exactly what I wanted!

Dirty Dawg Strike Vests
Gabriel Camejo
Light weight.

Vest work as advertised. I purchased 2 and both dogs took to vest right of the bat. No issues, leg holes have plenty of space.

awesome vest

LOVE this vest!!! fits perfect. love all southern cross products that i have gotten. best on the market and easy on pocket book!

Great tracking lead

Performs as described........super strong.......great tracking lead

Quality investment

Great looking vest that fits my bulldog even better while providing exceptional protection in the right places but not sacrificing his ability to get the job done.