Aussie Style Pro Plate- Attached Collar Seatbelt/Kevlar

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The Aussie Style Pro Plate is the ultimate Seatbelt/Kevlar chest plate.  Utilizing popular Australian style while maintaining our American made promise.

  • Optional Garmin (Tracking Collar) Protector 
  • Seatbelt/Nylon Webbing
  • Extra Large Leg Holes 
  • American tech such as:
    • Kevlar
    • One-of-a-kind Southern Cross fit
  • Universal tracking collar compatibility
We have combined the time tested Aussie Style seatbelt/nylon webbing with Mil Spec American Kevlar to create one of the toughest material combinations there is!  2X Kevlar 2X 1000D 1X Cross Layered Seatbelt/Nylon Webbing.  The Aussie Style vest utilizes an open back and collar design for maximum breathability. Enlarged leg holes to allow full range of motion and extra-large leg guards for maximum shoulder protection.  

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