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Versatile single-use skin stapler allows for fast and easy removal of surgical skin staples with minimal discomfort to the patient. Consistent performance by placing the metal tip of the sterile remover underneath the staple and squeezing the handles until they touch and the extractor is fully closed. Once the staple is completely reformed the remover can be lifted from the skin and the staple is removed. Each sterile, single-use instrument is shipped ready-to-use in sealed plastic packaging that's easy to open.


  • Instructions for use included on package.
  • Compatible with all brands of surgical skin staples including those administered with Oasis 35W Wide Skin Stapler and Oasis 35R Skin Stapler skin staplers.
  • Effectively removes staples in same direction they were embedded during surgery. 
  • Guaranteed to remain sterile until the expiration date, unless the package has been opened or damaged.
  • Scissors-style for precise handling. Both scissors and tweezer style can be used for any procedure.
  • The removal device is designed to work with either hand.
  • Discard after single-use.