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100% Cut Proof Cut Gear? - Southern Cross Cut Gear

100% Cut Proof Cut Gear?

Quite simply, there is No Such Thing. 

That includes from us or any other cut gear company.  If someone tries to tell you their gear is completely cut proof, they are outright lying just to take your money. 

    Cut Gear is Cut Resistant, not Cut Proof 

    • Even Prison Guard Vests which can contain 15, 20 or even 30 layers of Para-Aramid Fabric are still NOT guaranteed as cut proof.  They are all considered Cut Resistant.
    • In the right circumstances ANY CUT GEAR, from ANY COMPANY can be punctured through.  We have seen and documented complete pass throughs on every single one of our primary competitors brands.  Do not let misleading sales pitches trick you.   

    Southern Cross Cut Gear is Extremely Puncture Resistant  

    • While no one can guarantee any gear to be completely puncture proof we can guarantee that Southern Cross Cut Gear is insanely cut resistant and made with only the highest quality materials. 
      • From the ground up our gear is built to be the toughest possible.  This includes only using first quality 100% American Made 3000D Coated Dupont™ Kevlar®. 
      • Please check out our Para-Aramid Blog for more info on how our materials perform compared to the competition. 
    • With Southern Cross Cut Gear Complete punctures, particularly life threatening ones are incredibly rare.
      • We have NEVER lost one of our personal dogs due to injury while wearing Southern Cross Cut Gear.  This is with over a decade worth of hunting several times a week all over the Southeastern United States.
    • Every single day we receive reports/stories of our products saving dogs lives.  Our website and social media pages are overflowing with 5 star customer reviews.   
      • Check out some of our reviews on the official Southern Cross Facebook Page or on the individual product pages of our site.      

    What can prevent a complete puncture?

    • First off there are some punctures that simply can not be completely prevented
      • There is always the possibility of getting on that one in a million truly nasty hog in a bad spot.  This is rare, but if you hunt long enough it can happen.    
    • So what steps can be taken to reduce the chances of a complete puncture?
        • Proper Vest Selection
            • Different style vests are made for different purposes and have different levels of puncture resistance.  Any protection is better than none, but if you utilize a light weight "Bay" vest on your walk in catch dog, do not expect it to perform the same as a multi layered Para-Aramid "Catch" vest.
            • Our website offers detailed descriptions for all our gear, but if you are unsure what style you need check out our "Cut Gear Selection" Blog or contact us.   
          • Cut Gear Care
            • Gear that is soaked in swamp, caked in mud and then left out in the sun is going to deteriorate and lesson its protective capabilities
            •  Please see out "Cut Gear Care" Blog for details on cleaning/storage. 
          • Replacement 
            • Even with perfect care/storage vests need to be replaced eventually.  Use beyond its lifespan can greatly increase the likelihood of a puncture.  
            • Please see our Blog on "When to Replace my Cut Gear" for more details.   

      Our goal and the entire reason that we operate Southern Cross Cut Gear is to protect dogs.  We are hog hunters ourselves and utilize our gear multiple times every week protecting our own personal pack.  Every single product we offer has been tested and used by us personally in the field.  To date we have never once lost one of our personal dogs due to an injury while wearing Southern Cross Cut Gear.  Our Gear is as tough as any and far tougher than most.  We believe in these products and stand behind them 100%.  If you have any questions or concern please do not hesitate to contact us.   

      -Team Southern Cross



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