Running Catch Dog Catch Vest (RCD)- Collar Separate Leg Guards

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NOTICE:  We are transitioning from Digital Camo to True Timber Kanati.  We will continue to ship the Digi Cam until our inventory is out, at which point all Southern Cross and Spec-Ops gear will be in True Timber Kanati.   If you order a vest and collar together we will make sure they are matching patterns.     

We took our  Southern Cross Full Vest design and put it on steroids to create one of the toughest, most versatile and affordable running catch dog vests ever designed.  


  • Inner and outer layer of 1000D cordura
  • Dupont™ Kevlar®
  • Polyfelt chest piece
  • Viper Weave throughout
  • Leg guards

This creates an ultra rugged yet still light and flexible vest ideal for Running Catch Dogs.  To top it all off we added leg guards standard creating one of the least expensive leg guard vests on the market.  This is a lot of protection at an extreme bargain. **Collar sold separately**

**XS and XL made to order, please allow 7-10 business days for manufacturing**


Southern Cross Cut Gear is Highly Cut Resistant, but Not Cut Proof.  No Cut Gear, from us or any company, can be guaranteed as completely puncture proof.  Our products are meant to serve as added layers of protection that can greatly reduce the odds of a life threatening injury however hog hunting is a potentially dangerous activity and injuries can still occur.  Southern Cross Cut Gear and any of our affiliates are not responsible for any injuries that may occur while utilizing our products. 

Please see our Blog linked below for more details

100% Cut Proof??

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