Battle Shield Full Cover (Garmin Tracking Collar Protector)

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The the highest coverage level Garmin Tracking Collar Protector there is, period.   Designed to offer the most complete coverage of any Garmin tracking collar protection on the market.  These Shock Proof and Lightweight protectors not only will keep the tracking collar box protected, but also the transmitter and wire.      

  • Lightweight
  • Shock Proof
  • Complete Box, Wire and Transmitter Coverage
  • No Rattle design (unlike the aluminum box/tin can designs)
  • Compatible with TT15, T5, DC50, TT15X and T5X. 

NOTICE-  Ideal fit for dogs 55 lbs plus.  While these can work on smaller dogs the fit will not be as good.  We recommend the Battle Shield Firehose Cover, Elite KIG or Elite Cut Collar for Smaller dogs.