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Garmin Alpha TT25 and T20 Extended Battery Pack

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Size Chart

Vest Sizing

Girth  Weight
Terrier (T) 18-22" 15-25 lbs
Extra Small (XS) 22-26" 25-40 lbs
Small (SM) 26-30" 40-60 lbs
Medium (MD) 28-32" 60-80 lbs
Large (LG) 32-36" 85-115 lbs
Extra Large (XL) 36-40" 115-145 lbs
Double Extra Large (2XL) 40-44" 145-175 lbs 

Cut Collar Sizing

Neck Circumference  Collar Length Collar Width
Extra Small (XS) 14-16" 18" 3.5"
Small (SM) 16-18" 20" 4"
Medium (MD) 18-20" 22" 4"
Large (LG) 20-22" 24" 4"
Extra Large (XL) 22-24" 26" 4.5"
Double Extra Large (2XL) 24-26" 28" 4.5"
  • We recommend utilizing girth measurements over weight when selecting vest sizes.   While weight is sufficient in most cases, girth measurements tend to be the most accurate.  The illustration below will show you where to measure.    
  • NOTICE for Overlap Sizing-  If you have a dog that falls in between on sizing our general recommendation is for wider chested dogs to go up a size and slender built dogs go down a size.
  • These are the typical sizing guidelines.  99% of dogs will fit into these standard sizes, however some dogs do have unique structures and may need a custom fit.  If your dog does not fit into any sizes outlined below, please send us the measurements described at the bottom of the page and we will make a custom vest for you. 

    Click here for instructions on Measurements



    Product Description

    Garmin Alpha TT25 and T20 Extended Battery Pack – Unleash Extended Power and Reliability

    Are you a passionate Garmin Alpha TT25 or T20 user who thrives on outdoor adventures but often feels constrained by battery limitations? We're excited to introduce the Garmin Alpha TT25 and T20 Extended Battery Pack, a purpose-built solution that delivers exceptional power and lasting performance for your devices. This is no ordinary battery pack; it's a true powerhouse, custom-tailored to enhance your Garmin Alpha TT25 and T20 experience.

    Key Benefits:

    • Prolonged Power: Our Extended Battery Pack is designed to provide you with an astonishingly extended usage time of up to 136 hours when using the dynamic update rate. Say goodbye to worrying about your device running out of power during your adventures.

    • Device Compatibility: Crafted exclusively for the Garmin Alpha TT25 and T20, this Extended Battery Pack ensures seamless integration with your tracking devices.

    • Safety and Peace of Mind: Elevate your outdoor experiences and safeguard your beloved dogs with extended battery life. Never compromise on tracking capabilities due to battery constraints again.

    • Charging Convenience: The battery pack comes with the extended battery pack charging clip, ensuring easy and efficient recharging. You'll only need a standard USB-C cable (the one included with your original collar) to keep your devices powered up.

    How to Replace the Battery Pack:

    1. Power Down: Always remember to switch off your Garmin Alpha TT25 or T20 before initiating the battery replacement process to prevent data loss or device damage.

    2. Disassembly: Using a small Phillips head screwdriver, remove the VHF Antenna Cover, followed by the Antenna, using a number 6 star bit. Then, remove the 6 battery screws.

    3. Gasket Removal: Make sure to remove the existing gaskets, as the new battery comes with one. Additionally, clean any dirt or debris present.

    4. Installation: Fit the new battery securely and tighten the 6 screws. We recommend tightening them in an opposite corner-to-corner fashion to ensure even tightening and a snug fit.

    Upgrade your tracking experience with the Garmin Alpha TT25 and T20 Extended Battery Pack, and never let battery life stand in the way of your adventures again. Purchase yours today and unlock unparalleled power and reliability for your Garmin devices."

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